Aux Terrasses wine cellar, Burgundy wines, in Tournus

The ultimate accompaniment to savour and enjoy

The wine list

With a shared passion for wine, Jean-Michel Carrette and his sommelier have worked together to create a wine list with over 900 wines and a wine cellar which features some 6,000 bottles. As part of this lengthy process, they met with wine growers, driven by a desire to find the very best vintages.

The wine list includes plenty of options for flawless food and wine pairings. Guests can enjoy wines from Burgundy, the Vallée du Rhône, Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Alsace and the Jura, along with champagne and other sparkling wines for the ultimate celebrations: experience the very best that French wines and expert winegrowers have to offer.

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Fine wines
at Aux Terrasses

Organic and biodynamic wines

Focus on quality

Behind the kitchens, partly buried, the wine cellar of Aux Terrasses’ gourmet restaurant houses wines produced by winegrowers and offers a wide range of organic and biodynamic wines, in response to a growing desire for naturally produced wines with real local character.

Jean-Michel Carrette continually expands his wine list to offer the very best wines, produced by the passionate winegrowers whom he has met and who share his love for and interest in the ultimate accompaniment to French cuisine.

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